Opening: November 05, 2022, 7 PM
Duration: November 06 – December 04, 2022
Greeting: Dr. Werner Dohmen, Chairman of the board NAK
Introduction: Maurice Funken, Director NAK

Kate Davis – FLAW

The exhibition centers around a series of drawings created for the TWODO collectors group. Collectively titled ‘Flaw’ the drawings depict, in minute detail, everyday dust and grime found in the artist’s home. In English ‘flaw‘ can mean a fault or imperfection and when spoken it sounds like ‘floor’- the terrain which has been mined for these drawings. Alongside the Flaw drawings related works are presented, including the drawing, Phantom (2021) and two of Davis’ moving image works, Charity (2017) and Weight (2014). All of these works share an interest in questions of value, in feminist economics, and in the place of art-making in relation to other kinds of labor.

Arthur Löwen – ˈkoun(t)ərˌpoint

Arthur Löwen’s paintings pass through various phases in the process of creation, which always address the making of paintings as a formation. Thus Löwen has developed an individual painterly setting that both drives his artistic practice forward and is able to limit it in a productive way.

The artist continues the constant repetition of the procedure in variations and thus provides a technical framework for the artistic exploration.

In this way, the artist applies thin layers of paint to the front of the canvas, which are covered by a final contrasting layer. While this is still wet, he lays the painting support on an absorbent cloth. The back of the canvas facing him now becomes the parallel playground of the painting’s production.

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