Saturday 1 September 2012

2 September — 7 October 2012

The NAK. Neuer Aachener Kunstverein is pleased to present ABSOLUTE VITALITY INC., the first institutional solo exhibition in Germany by the American artist-duo Aids-3d (Keller/Kosmas).
Absolute Vitality Inc. is a legal company registered in 2010 by Wyoming Corporate Services, a service provider for shell companies in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Aids-3d purchased Absolute Vitality Inc. in 2012 to function as a special purpose vehicle for their projects. The main purpose of the corporation is to employ a multi-pronged strategy of diversified balanced growth to offer collectors a low-beta (risk), high-alpha (reward) conceptual investment vehicle unmitigated by oppressive EU tax schemes, and the fickle tastes of the art market. Aids-3d thus creates a semantic, legal and conceptual framework for an amorphous and growing mixed media sculpture.
Since forming in 2006, the Berlin-based artist-duo Aids-3d (Keller/Kosmas) has focused on issues arising from the interface between art, technology, ecology, economics and social activism. Their installations, performances and internet-based works use these themes to trace the failed promises of the twentieth century—religious enlightenment, sexual liberation, artistic freedom and technological progress. Their aesthetic oscillates between technological utopianism and digital kitsch.
Aids-3d consists of Daniel Keller (*1986, Detroit) and Nik Kosmas (*1985, Minneapolis). Both studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Städelschule in Frankfurt and the Berlin University of the Arts.


We would like to thank the galleries Kraupa-Tuskany, Berlin, and T293, Naples, for their generous support.

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Photo: Simon Vogel