Coming Soon
Alwin Lay

Saturday 16 May 2015
7 — 10 PM

17 May — 12 July 2015

Although the meticulously staged artworks of 1984 born artist Alwin Lay are especially founded in the medium of video, photography and installation, a sculptural origin cannot be denied. Even so, Lay’s works are not a mere reflection of the relationship between photographed image and sculpture as they deliberately play with intuitive expectations that form the contexts of our everyday experiences. Similar to the methods of a magician, Lay uses these everyday situations as a foundation for the manipulation of their physical, temporal and aesthetic laws. The result is an array of strange or absurd, humoristic interludes. Lay intentionally creates seemingly surreal moments and sequences, in which antecedents and anticipated outcomes are interrupted by narrative vacancies. At the same time Alwin Lay’s simulations create a space of contemporarneity in which the beholder can only linger and experience the present moment. In the solo show COMING SOON, Lay’s new and partly site-specific works extend this approach.


Installationviews COMING SOON, Alwin Lay, NAK, Courtesy: Alwin Lay and Natalia Hug Gallery