Marquis de Sade & Monsieur Samedi
Klaus vom Bruch

Saturday 21 March 2015
7 — 10 PM

22 March — 3 May 2015

Already since the mid 1990s Klaus vom Bruch’s artistic approach has centred around an experimental trial of the relations between the field of art and the area of electronic media. Although his artistic mode of operation has increasingly expanded since, from the mere editing of video tapes to video sculptures, installations, sound objects and wallpaper prints, the processes of editing and loops as well as his continuous adaption of archived film and documentary sequences still constitute essential moments of his work. Within artistic connections the use of technical media doesn’t only prove to be an image-critical method regarding a consciousness industry that is omnipresent through film and advertisement, but in his negotiation of the border between mass medium and private medium it simultaneously reflects a retrospective point of reference for those artistic engagements with media regimes, as it is currently being continued within the scope of post-internet art. Against this background, the exhibition Marquis de Sade & Monsieur Samedi presents current works, which, among other things, approach the relationship between media and cultural codices on different levels.