Angelica Fernandez Ortiz

Saturday 18 June 2016
7 — 10 PM

19 June — 31 July 2016

Inintelligible, which means not understandable, derives from the philosophical adjective intelligible. The term names objects which are comprehensible only by reason, inaccessible to perception. Inintelligible describes on the contrary the non-understanding of intelligible things. They stay hidden as well from reasonable perception as from the intellect.

The exhibition  ‚Inintelligibel’ by artist Angelica Fernandez Ortiz (*1983 in Cologne) at the Neuer Aachener Kunstverein reflects the factors leading to both intelligible and inintelligible processes. Therein Fernandez Ortiz examines the dichotomous relationship between intelligible and inintelligible processes, following a documentary as well as an artistic approach. Similar to how the terms intelligible and inintelligible require a certain level of understanding and knowledge, the exhibition asks questions tightly focused on knowledge and ignorance, while constantly referring to contemporary scientific as well as socio-cultural phenomena. Moreover, Fernandez Ortiz negotiates the area of conflict between transparency, control and work efficiency in her exhibition.

The purely documentary presentation of cognition in the lower exhibition room leads to an encounter with inintelligible items in the upper room; these are presented as objects which transfer intelligible themes into sign systems and textual fragments being conserved in wax and resin. There are no approaches by means of availability and interaction, the latter can only be assumed atween the objects and their phenomenology. The museum-like staging is opposed to the quest for meaning – the result being a dichotomy of the inintelligible and intelligible.

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