24 Halbwahrheiten
Kathrin Sonntag

Saturday 29 October 2016
7 — 9 PM

30 October — 27 November 2016

Reference – In context to Mies van der Rohe / 24 Halbwahrheiten

Greeting: Dr. Werner Dohmen, Chairman
Introduction: Ben Kaufmann
Discussion: Dr. Birgit Hammers in conversation with Joachim Brohm and Kathrin Sonntag

In an exhibition the NAK displays this year’s Twodo project ‚24 Halbwahrheiten‘ by artist Kathrin Sonntag. The series ‚24 Halbwahrheiten’ correlates to the concept of the Twodo Collection ‚The whole being more than the sums of its parts’ and drafts the idea of a dialog and transfer between the shown artist’s workshop and the exhibition space. Within ‚24 Halbwahrheiten’ Kathrin Sonntag compresses the space and time of two places by the means of integrated reflecting surfaces, deconstructing en detail and at the same time rearranging the artist’s studio in consistently newly formed constellations.


NAK accompanying program:

18.11.16, 7 pm: lecture by Stefan Kobel about the art market and investigative strategies