Porous walls reminiscence
Arnaud Eubelen

Saturday 26 October 2019
7 — 11 PM

27 October — 1 December 2019

Opening: 26th October 2019, 7 PM
Greetings: Dr. Werner Dohmen, Chairman NAK
Introduction: Maurice Funken, Director NAK
Following: DJ set with Brice Dreessen

In the exhibition series Young Art Euregion the NAK Neuer Aachener Kunstverein in cooperation with STAWAG presents the first institutional solo exhibition of the Belgian artist Arnaud Eubelen.


Titled Porous Walls Reminiscence, Eubelen presents new works at the Kunstverein in a site-specific, object-related spatial installation. His works precisely explore the area between fine art and product design. For the presentation at NAK, the artist will fill the exhibition space with textures and forms that imitate a reduced housing situation in the building, but whose functionality is de facto questioned by structure and use. Through the walls, visitors can hear strange noises, which only refer cryptically and fragmentarily to the world outside the room.


Arnaud Eubelen outlines the concept of the exhibition as follows: “A picture often comes to mind: look at the walls of a house as a skin. What happens when you remove this skin, look behind it, when it is broken open? The house becomes a peeling layer of layers, the heart of the house is uncovered. It becomes porous, changes its dimensions, changes into an object through which one can step into the centre of the living space.


NAK is particularly pleased to be able to deepen its long-standing cooperation with STAWAG in this exhibition. ”The underlying idea of STAWAG and NAK was to jointly create the exhibition series Young Art Euregion in order to continually provide new energy for the contemporary art scene in Aachen. Particularly attractive for young artists are the exhibition opportunities and the edition of an exhibition catalogue. Artists can show both in their vita. This year NAK exhibition committee has decided in favor of the Belgian artist Arnaud Eubeln. We are already very excited about his exhibition,” explains Kirsten Haacke from STAWAG, explaining the company’s motivation to promote young regional artists.


Arnaud Eubelen was born in Liege in 1991. He studied industrial design at ESA Saint-Luc in Liège and at La Cambre in Brussels. Eubelen lives and works in Brussels and Liège.

Accompanying program:

VC Meeting Day: 30 November 2019, 1 p.m., Museum De Domijnen, Sittard. Arnaud Eubelen will develop a new work on the occasion of the Very Contemporary Meeting and present it in the museum.

The further accompanying program will be announced shortly on Facebook or here.

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Pictures:  Guillaume Blondiau