Twodo Collection was founded in 1998 to support NAK´s annual production budgets, but it is also an unusual way of collecting, since Twodo also intends to create a collection of contemporary art that is exclusively held by private individuals, ideally 24 (Twodo = two dozen). Twodo as collective form of private sponsoring is an internationally unique model. The annual donation of every Twodo member has a fixed amount and every member is obligated to donate money for at least three years. Each year the members of Twodo invite an artist to realize a project, this invitation is not necessary linked to NAK´s programme.

Characteristics of Twodo are the idea of acquiring contemporary art on a regular basis by individuals as well as taking artist´s ideas of larger scale into account which are in this case expressed within a group of works and which imply forms of participation on both – the artist’s and the collectors’ – sides. Hence every decision for an artist´s project to be realized in the frame of Twodo considers aspects of communication and inter-activity. Moreover it is essential that the works to be acquired take a form that does not only allow the collector to possess single objects the “usual” way but is also part of a “larger” complex of work.


Twodo Projekt von Nora Turato, 2018 (Ausstellungsansicht von 2020), Foto: NAK

For further information about a Twodo-membership please contact NAK or follow the link below: